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Policy On Children


We are very sorry but we do not offer any kind of creche services, so babies and children will need to sit this one out. 

There are many great coffee shops along Beaufort Street if your baby is staying close by while you are enjoying your treatment, however please note that our client lounge is reserved for the use of our clients and cannot be used as a waiting room due to the walls being shared with treatment rooms.

We understand many new mothers may be breastfeeding, so we do offer short sessions, and please don’t pay too much attention to your expiry date if you have a voucher, so you are welcome to wait until bubs’ feeds are stretched out a bit more (we have never refused an expired voucher!)

We have to look after the interests of ALL our clients and it simply isn’t fair for a client to arrange care for their child, only to have to listen to the cries of another clients baby during their treatment.

Our space is a place for mothers and pregnant women to come for some much needed peace and relaxation, away from their beloved little ones for a few moments of the day.

Thank you for your understanding!



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