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Pregnancy Skincare

When you are pregnant you will start to seriously reconsider everything you put IN and ON your body. You start to eat healthily. You start to take it a little easier. You start some light exercise. You start to listen to your body.

Why stop before re-considering your
skincare? Your skin is the largest organ in your body and your growing beautiful bubs is getting a little taste of everything that goes into your system.

We get asked DAILY by skincare companies for us to stock their products. We are really fussy when it comes to skincare. We pride ourselves on having a huge amount of integrity and we would never, ever sell something that we truly did not believe in.

It took years for us to find two ranges that we would gladly recommend to you. (And there’s plenty we would recommend you stay away from too!)

Your skin can do a few funny things when you fall pregnant. Some women end up with pimples like they did when they were just starting puberty (thanks hormones!). Some women develop super sensitive skin that reacts to everything. Some women end up with really dry skin which makes them look much older than what they are (the sleep deprivation doesn’t help either!). Some women end up with dark patches over their face during pregnancy- which is called pigmentation.

To help you figure out what skincare to use during pregnancy- here are our Top 5 Tips on what to do:

1.    Drink lots of water- keep the moisture up on the inside, flush out any toxins and plump up that beautiful skin to make it glow. 
2.    Wear a pregnancy safe SPF every day! Prevention is always better than cure- and to prevent pigmentation from affecting you- get into the habit of wearing an SPF daily to avoid that overproduction of melanin (that’s the darker colour that pops up in patches on your face)
3.    Go natural and organic. Everything you put onto your skin will go into your blood stream- so be kind to your baby and your body by using natural products. Don’t be fooled by the petroleum based popular “pregnancy” products that are out there on supermarket shelves.
4.    Avoid Vitamin A or Retinols. Too much Vitamin A is linked to birth defects- but don’t stress if you were using it before you feel pregnant. There’s no clinical evidence to support that small amounts of retinol use would actually cause these defects- but we all prefer to err on the side of caution. We would recommend avoiding over stimulating products in general during pregnancy.
5.    See a Professional Skin Therapist who specializes in Pregnancy. Why? Because we see so many beautiful women who are struggling with their skin during pregnancy and they are being recommended the wrong products during that time and the skin gets worse. It’s not the therapists fault – there is a serious lack of education when it comes to teaching skin therapists what to do or what not to do during pregnancy.

Of course we would love for you to come in and actually have a professional skin consultation with one of our Pregnancy Skin Therapists- but if you are really short on time and can’t get in to see us- just let us know what you don’t like about your skin, how far along in your pregnancy you are and what products you currently use.

It would be our honour to give you a prescription and help put you back onto the track of having truly beautiful and glowing skin again during your pregnancy.

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